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Recycling Systems

ALPHA Series

There are 3 models of the Alpha, a sewer-discharge oil-water seperator, for handling flow rates of 0-30 GPM. Featuring Water Maze's popular coalescing plate design, the Alpha is made of durable 10 gauge stainless steel and is designed with sub-surface sludge ports for easy solids removal.

The Alpha comes standard with an ozone generator, a polishing sheen filter pack (Alpha-3100D only), an oil surface skimmer, an NEMA 4 electrical box with 110V outlet, a 1/2 hp stainless steel sump pump and a sumbmerged container with floats for automatic operation.


The Delta 3100 is a low-profile wash water recycling system with a maximum height of 48 inches. The system can treat up to 30 gallons per minute of wash water. The genius of the system is the "Maze" in the oil-water separator. 1,000 square feet of oleophilic, or oil-loving, coalescing plates are meshed together forcing the wash water to slowly change course hundreds of times. This constant shifting of the flow path causes oil droplets to group and float while solids sink.

The wash water is then pushed through a multi-media filter for large solids separation, then through 1,000 square feet of cartridge filters for solids separation down to 20 micron. Finally the water is passed through activated carbon to remove trace amounts of hydrocarbons. The water is then pressurized and ready for re-use.

The Delta 3100 is economical, self-contained and easy to use located on skid with protective siderails.


Wash water recycling can make you a hero with environmental agencies and with your employer by avoiding soil and water contamination and by reducing the risk of costly liability.

Water conservation is a BIG benefit that the CLP-5000 series wash-water recycling system offers. As drought conditions linger, many companies are required to limit water usage. The CLP provides the ability to recycle wash-water for re-sue in equipment washing processes.

LANDA’s exclusive Automatic Maintenance Control (AMC) system is at the heart of the CLP-5024. Daily maintenance is controlled by a digital sequencer that automatically backwashes the multi-media and activated carbon filters and purges collected solids from the cone bottom clarifier tank. The automated CLP systems virtually eliminate operational errors and maintenance headaches-including odor problems-often associated with wash-water treatment.

Landa also offers the same high quality filtration system with manual operation.

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