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Pit Management

Pit Cleaning
Recycling wash water doesn't have to stink!


Landa makes managing water in holding pits easy by automatically injecting biology and air that consumes organics and oil & grease which can cause odor. The microbes consume oil & grease and turns it into water and carbon dioxide.


The PM-1000 is a fully automated treatment process that eliminates odor and reduces organics in water contained in pits or tanks. Using bioremediation, the self-contained PM-1000 injects highly effective microbial agents and air into the water, providing an environment where oil & grease is consumed and odors are eliminated. Oil & grease is turned into harmless carbon dioxide and water.


Landa Water Maze systems lead the way in innovative water treatment.

Maintaining high-quality wash-water, free from obnoxious odors is now easy with

LANDA's Model PM 1000-D