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The Water Maze BioSystem or CLB series employs the latest bio-technology for treating and recycling a broad range of commercial and industrial wastewater, including golf and turf applications where there’s a high organic content in the waste stream.

The CLB’s unique design features modular components so the system is customized to match each customer’s application requirements as well as to keep the equipment cost and performance to only what is truly needed. Moreover, the systems are automated for ease of maintenance.

 Water Maze’s advanced bio-technology features super-efficient aerobic microbial digesting, enhanced water circulation, injection of cultured microbes at concentrated levels and the introduction of a special microbial nutrients blend.

Unlike filtration systems, which create a sometimes hazardous sludge, the BioSystem naturally converts organic contaminants—such as oil, grease, etc. that are common to wash water—into harmless water and carbon dioxide.

Other features include: high-density, crosslinked, polyethylene tanks; water-resistant electronics control panel; and 2,087 sq. ft. of bio-media.

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