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COVID 19 News Announcement from Myco, Inc.


Announcing an exceptional equipment product to effectively 

stop the spread of the Coronavirus in your workplace!

As the COVID-19 Pandemic spreads and more Americans become sick, it is important to know what resources are available to stop the spread of this deadly virus. In response, we now offer, the A3S Air Scrubber and Purifier, an equipment product that has been evaluated and accepted for use to filter the air and prevent multiplication of all airborne viruses, including the Coronavirus.


Products that are Safe, Easy-to-Use.

In response, the Myco Companies offers effective, EPA-approved solutions to the current pandemic:

1. Quat 64, developed by Simoniz USA, the leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial cleaning products, has proven effectiveness against viruses similar to 2019 Novel Coronavirus on hard, non-porous surfaces. Therefore, this safe, easy-to-use one-step disinfectant, germicidal detergent should be used to effectively fight COVID-19.

2.  A3S Air Scrubber and Purifier, an equipment product that has been evaluated and accepted for use to filter the air and prevent multiplication of all airborne viruses, including the Coronavirus.This compact, critical piece of equipment, complete with Dual Hepa-rated filters, is easy to use. Just turn it on and walk away. The filters trap mold, mildew, dust and all airborne viruses, Therefore, this equipment product is highly recommended and should be used to effectively fight COVID-19.



Stay Safe and Make These solutions Part of Your Routine.

Given the current Pandemic circumstances, these products are in high demand so please call 800-354-4451 or your Myco, Inc. Specialist for more complete information.

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